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Company Overview

Westagen Pars Co., headquartered in Tehran-Iran is a pharmaceutical company that develops, manufactures and markets brand and generic pharmaceutical products. With a broad range of products and services in the Iranian pharmaceutical industry, Westagen enjoys a strong reputation as a reliable provider of quality pharmaceutical products.
Formed in 2007, Westagen Pars Co. is part of a pharmaceutical group, with affiliates in Iran, UAE, and Europe. Our commitment to marketing innovative products, combined with our unparalleled dedication to patients, has become the hallmark of Westagen in the community we serve.
To improve and enhance the quality of life for patients by facilitating and expanding access and availability of medically essential therapeutics.
To acquire medically essential pharmaceuticals and expand their utilization through improved distribution, customer education and product enhancement.
The patients' needs are our number one priority. We want to educate medical caregivers and provide the best products so that our patients will enjoy a higher quality of life.
Honesty and integrity are our core values and can be seen in every aspect of our business.
Through a creative environment our employees are inspired and encouraged to constantly strive for better, more innovative solutions. At Westagen we are always ready to meet the challenges of our dynamic pharmaceutical industry with its numerous and wide-ranging issues – from development and regulatory conditions to rapidly changing consumer demands.
Whether we’re improving the health of Iranian patients or meeting the diverse needs of our customers, Westagen delivers every time, all the time.


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