Westagen Pars Co.,
specializes in direct pharmaceutical registration services in Iran.
We offer long-term partnerships in representing pharmaceutical companies who wish to increase their products' awareness and sales in pharmacies and the medical environment in our country.

Necessary documentations for Importing & Registration of
                                 Finished Products in Iran

1.  Original Certificate of Pharmaceutical Product (CPP) in WHO format ( Appendix I ) issued by the National Regulatory Authority of the country of origin which is attested by the Iranian Embassy in exporting country.
2.  Original List of countries where the product is already licensed containing generic name, pharmaceutical form and dosage, the date of approval, which is attested by the Iranian Embassy in exporting country.
3. Original list of manufacturer's branches (if exist) in other countries issued by the NRA of the exporting country which is attested by the Iranian Embassy in exporting country.
4.  Completed originally signed and stamped Drug Importing Application form which is full filled by exporting manufacturer according to
( Appendix II ) format.

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We act exclusively on behalf of pharmaceutical producers who outsource their direct marketing functions to us. Our strength lies in our effective team of representatives and our huge network of partner pharmacies and pharmaceutical wholesalers.
Our main area of expertise is recruiting, organizing and managing sales and medical field forces as well as the media publishing to promote pharmaceutical products in pharmacies, hospitals and doctors' offices.
Our own magazines allow pharmaceutical producers to advertise their products in a very cost-effective way.
We have all the tools and experience to:

  • Create, train and equip for work (as well as manage if needed)
    our client's Iran-wide net of representatives.

  • Promote client’s product using our own net of representatives (co marketing offers) and our own media, which provides the biggest cost-savings in direct marketing activities in our country, and possibility of additional benefits.

  • Research your product competition in the Iranian pharmaceutical market.

  • Provide daily-gathered data regarding different factors about substitutes or similar products (similar in price, target, indications, etc.)

  • Assist with the pharmaceutical product registration process in our country.


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